Continuous controls & performance monitoring

From SAP compliance & security to end-to-end processes control over hyperautomation

Propositions for SAP / hyperautomation compliance & security

SAP compliance & security

Full suite of compliance & security solutions for you SAP environment to analyse and manage authorisations, external threats and code risks. Privacy compliant data management between multiple environments, including migrations and automated (no code) testing solutions. We implement and optimize the usage of technology or provide ‘virtual’ SAP controls management as a managed service.

SAP performance

We analyse your processes and data to determine SAP improvement opportunities (complexity reductions or improved usage) in order to realise cost effective migrations (conversions) to SAP S4 HANA. This includes data cleansing. For complex billing requirements we offer best of breed Service Billing solutions which we can implement together with our partners, including end-to-end continuous revenue controls monitoring.

Technology Integration

Your SAP environment never runs by itself. More and more best of breed applications are interfacing business critical information. We support our clients to integrate their technology landscape via API application integration realising managed processes where applications of functions are anywhere (on premise, cloud or hybrid). We improve business and IT alignment as your integration partner.

Continuous Monitoring

We monitor your applications and processes continuously, whether they are being build (continuous testing) or operate. Our monitoring solutions focus on application controls or authorisations (zero trust), 100% and preventive. We realise cost and quality business cases to automate manual controls via a cloud based solution with 400 standard controls and represent them real-time in best practice BI environments.  

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Detailed analytics on processes, SAP roles, security, data & controls, and application performance

SAP simplification and S4HANA migration

Integrate businesses with service billing solutions, managed implementation with continuous controls monitoring platform

Integrate everything with 180 standard API’s

 Continuously monitor from development to operation cloud based with over 500 standard controls

SAP simplify & HANA migration

We provide technology driven SAP simplification solutions helping clients to analyse SAP complexities, clean-up SAP environments and realise fast and cost efficient SAP S4 Hana conversions. Whilst reducing complexity, we optimize your licence structure, implement best practice reporting and analytics and improve customer satisfaction. We do this together with our partners IFS Probity and PwC.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Pathlock’s access orchestration solution supports Zero Trust by surfacing violations and taking action to prevent loss. Pathlock manages all aspects of access governance in a single platform, including user provisioning and temporary elevation, ongoing User Access Reviews, internal control testing, continuous transaction monitoring, and audit preparation

SAP GRC solution

Soterion has built a business-centric agile GRC solution on top of SAP that enhances accountability of SAP related risk. The solution has extensive functionalities to analyse user rights, improve compliance and stay compliant. Soterion is quick to install, easy to learn, S/4HANA ready and boasts an award-winning user experience; both on premise, in the cloud or as a managed service.

No code RPA/ automated testing

Leapwork’s completely visual, no-code automation platform makes it easy for business and IT users to automate repetitive processes, so enterprises can adopt and scale automation faster. For rapid results, at lower cost, and requiring fewer specialist resources than traditional automation approaches

Service Billing & control

Energy, technology, transport, traveling and even food; everything is moving towards ‘as a service’ causing complex new business models where new sophisticated billing models are required. These new billing models cause risks related to fraud and revenue leakage. Together with our partner IFS Probity we implement and operate ‘service billing’ solutions together with a risk proof continuous controls monitoring solution.

SAP Data Management

EPI-USE Labs’ software, value-added solutions and managed services create more powerful and secure SAP systems. They speed up data management (privacy proof, testing and migrations), have game-changing apps for day-to-day SAP HCM reporting to full SAP Basis managed services. Our clients tell us every day how EPI-USE Labs has transformed their business operations. EPI-USE Labs has over 1,100 clients across 49 countries.

SAP Security

SecurityBridge is an SAP Security Platform provider, developing tools to extend the SAP ecosystem. Their products address our clients’ needs for advanced cybersecurity, real-time monitoring, compliance, and patching. Their mission is simple: to ensure SAP applications and custom code are never successfully compromised by cyber-attacks. Therefore they develop smarter tools for secure and efficient SAP deployments.

Process Monitoring

The Software AG solutions provide our clients with the standard in process analytics and process management. With the aim to connect everything with everything Software AG is leading in the Internet of Things (self service platform) and application integration area providing management with real-time insights and business information in the new world of hyperautomation. See, decide and act with Software AG. 

Continuous Testing

First-time-right software development for complex, business critical software solutions with a high rate of change. With the Axini platform and the BR1GHT/Axini approach you can optimize your development process for specification, AI-based automated test generation and real-time automated analytics and flagging. Best low-code modeling and model-based, no-code test automation when you need to be 100% fault proof.

Process Analytics & Mining

All enterprises, large and small, run their core processes and operations through a complex mix of hundreds, sometimes thousands of individual systems. This rigid and fragmented system landscape traps execution capacity, hampering business performance. Celonis, the market leader in Process Mining, is now going one step further to eliminate system complexity with the Execution Management System to improve business performance and control.

Product Papers

Pathlock - Continuous Controls Monitoring Platform

Worlds most sophisticated single-platform CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) solution provides enterprises comprehensive insight and control over all applications across their IT ecosystem.

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Soterion - SAP GRC Solution

We offer a competitive solution than SAP GRC, simple to use at a fraction of the price. Together with our other SAP solutions we secure your SAP environment at all levels; GRC, cyber security, data management, continuous controls monitoring & test automation.

SPECIAL OFFER. During 2021 FREE use of Soterion for an initial assessment.

Axini - Continuous Testing & First Time Right Development

We offer a competitive solution to  support you in first time right software development and can deliver continuous control over your software and changes (agile & waterfall).

SPECIAL OFFER – Free feasibility study.

SAP security & control client experiences including proven concept of continuous monitoring solutions

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