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Technology Services

Do you consider to acquire new software or do you need to redesign or optimise your current application landscape? Then we can support you! We select, implement, optimise, and integrate software solutions in all areas of governance & internal control. We do one-time implementations at a fixed price or offer a true partnership model to capture the maximum value out of technology investments. This includes standard maintenance & support contracts after ‘going-live’ or managed services out of our service centre in South-Africa. In short we provide:

  • application implementation,
  • optimisation of the usage of technology,
  • application security
  • technology integration (API-connectivity),
  • managed application services.

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Specialist Consulting

For all governance areas, we provide highly specialist consulting:

  • Application implementation & optimisation.
  • Ad-interim; fill-in functions on a temporary basis.
  • Audit and advisory; pure specialists per governance area.
  • People; awareness, education & training.
  • Change; strategical, tactical & operational change control.

Our audit and advisory specialist consulting include:

  • Current ‘as is’ assessments defining issues and improvement potential supported by state-of-the-art technology.
  • Improvement support towards best practice, using standards, maturity modelling, and proven methodologies delivered by educated, certified and very experienced specialists.
  • Embedding the new way-of-working via awareness initiatives, training and continuous change and improvements programs. For those clients who don’t want to perform the activities themselves we provide managed services.

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Managed Services

We provide specialist consulting with an option for best practice technology as a managed service out of our global service centres in Suriname and South Africa. We provide hybrid models always with a local client team in your region (feet-on-the-ground). We have three managed service models:

Global-sourcing. Our teams work seamlessly under our clients’ direct management supervision, in their IT & quality systems with local representation & coordination.

Co-sourcing. Our teams work seamlessly under our clients’ direct management supervision, in their IT & quality systems with local representation & coordination.

Full outsourcing. Full ownership of the activities according to the quality and performance requirements documented in a ‘service level agreement’ with strong local strategic management of the engagement. 

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In all governance areas

Business & Finance controls optimisation and automation

COO & Finance (CFO & Controller)

We help your first line business and finance function to realise best practice controls effectiveness at the lowest cost by providing controls automation and continuous monitoring (CCM), and identify & access management over all your applications and platforms.

IT-governance, IT controls & security


We help you to effectively control & secure your IT-environment, using best practice technology. We provide SAP and other systems’ security authorisation management & IAM as a managed service together with specialist consulting and technology.

GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance)

CRO, Internal Control & GRC-functions

We help you to add value to business via state-of-the-art nett risk monitoring as part of the business (1st line). We provide GRC & Risk Management as a service, support with specialist consulting (all risk areas, including operations, financial ESG and HSE), and technology.

Compliance as a service, technology & consulting


We help to realise best-in-class compliance, towards real-time monitoring, voluntarily oversight, and full transparency towards all stakeholders. We provide (banking) compliance specialist consulting, practice technology, together with managed compliance services.

BR1GHT Internal Audit

Internal Audit technology, audit specialists & managed services

CAE & Audit Committee

We help you to realise best practice ‘agile’ internal audits of the highest quality, providing independent and aligned assurance. We provide co-sourcing & full outsorcing of the internal audit function, technology and high skilled experienced auditors.

ISQM technology, auditors & compliance as a service

External Audit (firms)

We help you realising best practice, high quality & compliant financial audits and specialist assurance engagements. We provide technology, specialist and managed services towards External Audit firms to help them execute effective and efficient audits.

Your value

Happy staff

  • We focus on your repetitive work,
  • Provide staff availability and flexibility (up- and downgrading).
  • Resulting in increased job satisfaction for your staff.
  • High staff retention.
  • Focused knowledge transfer.

Effective & professional

  • Technology results in effective (end-to-end) process execution and attracts talent.
  • Focus on professionalising your governance.
  • Pre-defined content & outcomes.
  • Dashboarding for real-time insight.

Reliability & trust

  • We meet our objectives and your requirements.
  • Automated controls and application security provide reliability.
  • Reliability and continuous insight for all stakeholders creates transparency and trust.

Cost efficient savings

  • Managed service reduce 30% costs (compared to European standards).
  • Efficient process execution with technology and well-educated (on-the-job) staff.
  • One-time-right quality consulting (less hours, higher value) at competitive prices.

High Quality

  • High quality managed services seamlessly integrated with local representation.
  • Technology results in effective process execution.
  • High experience strategic and operational (hands-on) advise.
  • We embed your new way-of-working.

Added value

  • We make you best-of-class for you to add value.
  • Full circle support (from vision to execution).
  • Building you capabilities to continuously improvement.
  • Optimisation and quality assurance is included in our managed services.

Insights & news

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BR1GHT established a Service Centre in Suriname

BR1GHT established a Service Centre in Suriname

A new milestone in our short history. As of July, 2022, we established BR1GHT Suriname. "We offer high quality people solutions for our clients in all BR1GHT regions against very attractive commercial rates", according to Janine Riedewald, Managing Director BR1GHT...

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Welcome on board Wim Mandemakers

Welcome on board Wim Mandemakers

We are very happy to welcome Wim Mandemakers to the BR1GHT family. Wim started at PwC as a financial auditor and consultant in the GRC space. After 16 years, he continued his career at Atos as senior Director on large international technology transformation and GRC....

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Valor Management and BR1GHT join forced

Valor Management and BR1GHT join forced

BR1GHT<www.br1ght.eu/> and Valor Management <www.valormanagement.nl/> are very happy to announce that, as per the 1'st of January 2021, BR1GHT and Valor Management have joined forces aiming to be one of the most dynamic independent solution providers for...

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