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Our technology services

Application implementation

  • Implementation of all applications in the governance area; result-driven, fixed price & agile.
  • Including quality assurance, people awareness, training and full change management.
  • Our partner applications are TeamMate, Enablon, CERRIX, SAP GRC, Soterion, and Actuals IO.
  • Implementation specialists internationally sourced (including SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP BRIM)

Optimisation of the usage of technology

  • Start with the application vision to realise business objectives,
  • build integrated technology,
  • maximise the usages of current applications (integrate technology or enhance number of users),
  • cut-out unused applications and unused functionalities (deadwood),
  • optimise controls, authorisations, and security over all applications.
  • Safe huge amounts of licence and operating fees.

Application security (SDLC)

  • Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Improve security practices and find, fix and prevent security issues within applications.
  • The whole SDLC cycle from requirements analysis, design, implementation, verification, go-live to maintenance.
  • Design review, white-box testing (code review), black-box security review.
  • Automated tooling; Pathlock, EPI USE LABS,  AXINI (model-based testing). 

Technology integration (API)

  • Realise process efficiency through application interfaces (functional and technical), including management,

Examples are:

  • central repository of issues out of multiple systems,
  • one reporting dashboard with all business kpi’s, risks, controls and issues.
  • pre-accumulated audit files with controls testing results from GRC-applications or SAP security software,

Managed application services

  • South Africa: Co-sourcing of SAP authorisation management, security, active directory and IAM,
  • Suriname: application management of our partner solutions, such as TeamMate and CERRIX.
  • all services from controls testing to application customisation, reporting, and implementation of new features,
  • source-in existing technology and provide GRC as a service (eg, KYC, CDD, vendor risk management, and continuity management).

Client experiences technology

with technology we realise a bridge to your future

we help you to define your technology vision, build your business case, select the best practice solution(s) for your current and future needs, and we manage the entire project of implementation

fixed priced implementations

we drive improvement with technology, but help you step-by-step taking into consideration the maturity of your processes and people, and help you define your vision & strategy and future organisation structure

we track your benefits and realise the maximum value of your technology

we embed a new way of working enabling your people to continuously improve.

Our way-of-working - from vision to continuous improvement

Future vision

We help our clients select technology meeting their current needs and make them future ready. We challenge our clients on their vision and help them build one.

  • Envision your future
  • Identify your current needs
  • Imagine the (im)possible
  • Set the long-term target environment (future needs)
  • Understand the value proposition
  • Design the integrated concept
  • Build commitment, support and awareness

Proven technology

Reverse “the law of handicap of a head start” in your favor and realise your desired business outcome with our proven technology of world class vendors. Don’t waste time and resources reinventing the wheel and use our clients’ experiences.

  • Define alternative plans
  • the business case (costs and benefits)
  • Understand what is available (build your reference)
  • Find the right technology via market research (RFI)
  • Visit satisfied reference clients
  • Select your new solution (RFP, demo, sandbox support)
  • Establish change governance

Result driven change

We only work with experienced partners, deep skilled expert professionals using best practice content. We can promise a fast, result driven and fixed price implementation focused on quality.

  •  Select your implementation partner(s)
  • Find the right experienced specialist(s)
  • Contracting
  • Portfolio and projects realisation
  • Mitigate risks
  • Project control and quality assurance
  • Deliver best practice content
  • Capture the value

Continuous improvement

During our involvement we support our clients’ people to become adaptive to change and we build capabilities to continuously innovate and improve themselves.

  • Embed your new way-of-working (WoW)
  • Optimize and enhance the solution(s)
  • Innovate your WoW
  • People change management
  • Training & education
  • Build new capabilities
  • Co-source to improve your WoW


We bring our clients and our client’s people into our communities of other clients and (global) specialists. With our communities we aim to accelerate your learning curves and provide support along the whole length of your transformation process and beyond.

Clients for Clients

  • One knowledge source for clients
  • Co-creation between clients
  • Leverage technology for clients

Specialists for specialists

  • Create value for your people and specialist via sparring
  • Homebase for your specialists
  • Continuously train and educate your people
  • A BR1GHT umbrella for our specialist and entrepreneurs

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