Mar 27, 2024

EVBox – Stay clean with BR1GHT’s SAP Authorization managed Service

EVBox is a Dutch provider of charging stations for electric vehicles. The company was founded in Almere in 2010 and in a few years has grown into one of the market leaders in the field of versatile charging systems. EVBox, based in Amsterdam, is one of the fast-growing products in the charging station industry. The Dutch charging station manufacturer produces high-quality, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage charging solutions for a wide range of users, from home use to the most complex business applications. In addition to a varied model range, EVBox also offers customers charge management, service, and various accessories. EVBox chargers are suitable for use at home, at work, and in public places.

In 2022, BR1GHT conducted a baseline assessment and revamped our SAP authorizations to mitigate security risks. Following this redesign, EVBox considered how to maintain clean authorizations in our day-to-day operations. It would be unfortunate if the risks resurfaced, nullifying our investment. BR1GHT delivers the Managed Service to EVBOX to stay clean and in control.

While EVBox already had an outsourcing partner for SAP Basis, functional and technical maintenance, and authorization support, we were hesitant to entrust them with SAP security.

Ultimately, we chose BR1GHT because they aren’t just reactive, focusing solely on ticketed tasks. They also proactively identify opportunities for process improvements, such as optimizing SAP license configurations and streamlining ineffective controls like firefighting. In addition to operational reports, BR1GHT provides comprehensive risk and control reports, offering insights into key risks.

Moreover, as EVBox upgrades its SAP systems and want to optimize their Fiori authorizations, BR1GHT’s support extends beyond managed services to address additional queries and requirements.

BR1GHT’s managed service affords EVBox the flexibility to focus on our core business, with a dedicated team supporting our SAP security needs. BR1GHT can easily scale up resources when needed, ensuring our security efforts remain robust.

We are informed on a monthly basis not only on the performance and the SLA, but also BR1GHT also shares their insights in the risk, SoDs, security settings. With these insights we feel comfortable by pro-actively managing security risks in SAP

In case we require an increase of resources of we have projects which require different skills, BR1GHT is flexible to scale up and down when required.

We are overall very satisfied about the knowledge, performance and the way how we work together and recommend to everyone else who has challenges in their SAP Security and SOD risks, lack of resources and/or want to be in control continuously.

At EVBox, we value practicality, a commitment to improvement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. BR1GHT embodies these qualities, consistently challenging our approach, ensuring quality, and delivering results that exceed our expectations.
EVBox selected BR1GHT for their expertise in SAP Security and Control, setting them apart from larger outsourcing firms. BR1GHT not only executes tasks efficiently but also proactively identifies and addresses risks while driving process improvements. Their integrated SLA reports go beyond standard metrics like ticket volume and response time, providing insights into risks, security settings, and other critical aspects. This comprehensive approach sets BR1GHT apart as a true partner in managing our security and control needs.

"I've seen BR1GHT to be very accessible, knowledgeable and high quality of the managed service delivery. It shows that controlling risks around SAP User Access management is their bread and butter"
Peter de Zinger Director Core Applications EVBox

BR1GHT’s SAP Authorization managed service has been instrumental in helping EVBox stay clean and secure in our SAP environment. Unlike traditional outsourcing partners, BR1GHT’s proactive approach doesn’t just address ticketed tasks; they actively identify opportunities for process improvements and streamline ineffective controls. With their dedicated team and comprehensive risk and control reports, BR1GHT provides us with the flexibility to focus on our core business while ensuring our security efforts remain robust. Their expertise in SAP Security and Control sets them apart as a true partner in managing our security needs, exceeding our expectations at every turn.

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