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A global technology & consulting company focussed on all your governance and control needs.

We are a global company, helping our clients to realise best practice governance and capture value with technology, specialist consulting, and managed services. The governance areas we support are:

Strategical. tactical, and operational

We support our clients’ management and supervisory boards setting a future proof control strategy to improve quality, be more effective, reduce costs or provide trust to stakeholders. We add value translating strategies into tactical improvements to strengthen your operations (embedding) and or realise your improvement and change programs. This is including people awareness, education, alignment, and well-being (happiness). We get things operationalised via effective technology, hands-on building of your best practices, or provide managed operational services.

Quality above size

We focus on quality in everything we do. Up to now we have the size to provide all our propositions to the market and stick with our current clients to gain results together. We are proud to serve more than 80 clients in 14 countries in the 4 regions BENELUX, Scandinavia, DACH and CARICOM. Our clients include the biggest global multinationals, most West-European banks, but also the smaller organisations with a strong focus on control. Expanding is not our main driver, but in order to serve our global clients better, we are further growing in Europe and orientate ourselves on the Middle East, Latin America and Asia for additional growth.

Partners and people communities

We work closely with more than 20 partners, both software solution providers, accountant firms, universities, and consulting firms. From a people perspective, we employ approximately 60 specialists worldwide, along with two managed services centres in Suriname and South Africa. By combining highly qualified core teams of the right size with a large network of partners and specialists, we offer our clients true specialist value propositions. As a global company, we create the opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing international technology environment, where our regional teams can still add a personal touch to the relationship with our clients.

We offer flexibility to our people and aim to contribute to make the world better

True specialist are hard to get and even more difficult to keep. This is why we offer maximum flexibility to our people in terms of where, when and how much they want to work against what formal contracting form. We provide a community for global specialists and encourage them to stay independent and build their future locally. In the meantime, we encourage them to become a part of a bigger whole, and become the ONE which make BR1GHT their home. Our vision, mission, purpose and values focus on caring for everyone we touch and make a contribution to many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) shown in the picture. We truly believe that technology can be a major driver in making the world a better place.

A short history

We were founded in 2019 as a spin-off from PwC in close collaboration with SAP powerhouse IFS Probity (now Ordina). Together we have a track record of years of software implementation and consulting, originally to improve business processes, finances and IT performance and achieve best-practice governance. Therefore, most of our people have either a big-4 or a SAP background, and are specialised in technology, consulting, auditing, control and optimisation.

However our experiences go back to the 1990s, when we played roles in many change programs in the Western European energy industry, from a technical, process and organizational change perspective. Nowadays we are specialist in multiple industries where we became strong in banking, trading, and government. Our people supported corporate functions, IT, and management boards to drive digital changes and capture the value of new technology while maintaining control managing business, finance, compliance, and project change risks. During the early years of the 20’th century, we more and more focused on specific software solutions to manage risk, controls and perform audits. WoltersKluwer TeamMate, Software AG and BWise/SAI global were part of our portfolio. Together we implemented Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, improve added value of risk & compliance departments and professionalised the internal audit functions at many international companies.

Given our strong vision related technology and our ambitions to add more value via true specialist consulting and managed services, we decided to establish BR1GHT in 2019. From that moment on we developed the company to the global technology and specialist firm we now are. 



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