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Our specialist consulting

Business case & application selection

We aim to help our clients maximise the value from technology. Therefore, we provide consulting to select the right technology to meet current and future requirements. We help:

  • define your business objectives,
  • the application vision (technology agnostic),
  • building your integrated technology vision,
  • define your long and short list of requirements,
  • do your market resource (available software),
  • define alternative solutions, including the value proposition,
  • manage the selection process (RFI, RFP) and help you to contract the software vendor & delivery partner.
  • set-up the pre-conditions for a succesfull project.

Assess (and auditing)

We assess your business (including finance & IT) processes, and technology environments against best practices to:

  • determine your current state of effectiveness, control and efficiency,
  • identify risks and improvement areas,
  • define concrete solutions.

Our assessments and audit can be part of our (or a) larger improvement project or as an individual engagement or service. Concrete assignments are ISAE3402/SOC, IT- & security audits, IAD certification, SOx controls, SAP segregation of duties reviews, process audits, etc.  If possible, we use state-of-the-art technology, such as process mining, Soterion SAP authorities management. All evaluations can result in maturity modelling.

Improve (and ad-interim)

We support our clients to realise their objectives in terms of targeted maturity level or best practice. In terms of SAP security this can be the desired ‘get clean’ level. All our improvement projects include the following:

  • we provide general accepted best practices and frameworks.
  • We not only realise the ambition level, but also embed a new way-of-working for clients to maintain te best practice (or is SAP terms, stay-clean).
  • We work with a long-term (3 years) horizon plan, and
  • take into consideration 5 interrelated aspects of improvement (strategy, structure, processes, technology and people), and
  • define clear steps of maturity in which the interrelated aspects are improved (plateau-thinking).

Embed (people & change management)

We aim to support you from vision to realisation where we drive improvements with our technology and specialist consulting. We stick with you throughout the whole change program and we can facilitate all expert roles in that change, from strategic change advise and management to expert specialist and operational change capabilities, such as program leaders, project quality office, project finance, to project risk, control and assurance.

The most critical element for success in change programs and digital transformations are our client’s people. In everything what we do, we aim to enable our clients’ staff to get trained on-the-job, adapt change, and implement new ways-of-working with the general attitude to continuously improve. 

Managed specialist services

, Our of our service centres in Suriname and South Africa, we provide managed specialist services. Instead of one-time audits or improvements, we provide contracts to continuously provide these services for you as if we are part of your organisation. Our managed specialist services include:

  • internal audit co-sourcing
  • financial audit specialist auditors co-sourcing,
  • data-analysis & process mining for auditors,
  • SAP authorisation and IAM,
  • Security management,
  • (banking) compliance (KYC, CDD, reporting, etc),
  • Risk Management,
  • GRC management as a service (vendor and third party risk technology risk, continuity, etc).

Consulting, but only with true specialists

We believe we can only add value with true specialists with in depth knowledge and a wealth of experience.

A standard consulting firm provides capabilities to solve all your problems. you will get only the best person available at that moment. We aim to do things differently. We don’t solve all your problems and we don’t manage all aspects of your change. However, for specific critical needs, we provide a true specialist even if we have to get him from the other side of the world. All our specialists are certified, have a master and post-master degree and over 10 to 15 years of experience on their field of expertise. We do have junior and senior advisors, but they support the specialist to become one themselves. Our model makes that we can work with large consulting brands and big-4 accountants firms because we provide those in-depth knowledge they need to help their clients. 

Digital transformation is a journey. Our approaches helps to define our client's vision, and with their own people we help them to create an agile and innovative environment where it is meaningful and fun to work in.

We help our clients to select and implement the right technology and we support them in all aspect of their digital journey, but we strongly believe that the true benefits come from their people’s attitude to change and innovation. At all levels, from board to key users. We help our clients to develop their people’s competences to continuously improve and we are their guide on the path to a safe, efficient and rewarding way-of-working contributing to a better world. Our primary focus lies within the governance areas to strengthen business checks and balances. 

we only provide true specialist consulting with certified, (post)master educated people with over 10/15 years of experience

we help our clients all they way troughtout their entire digital journey and we focus on helping their people to build the right continuous change and improvement capabilities

analytical capabilities are key to our success and we provide audits and assessments as part of (our) change programs or as individual capabilities

our specialist consulting uses global best practices and proven methodologies such as maturity modelling, horizon planning, and plateauthinking

we can support you as a ‘one off’ or as a seamless part of your organisation via managed services

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