Personal data processing

BR1GHT collects and processes data of customers and visitors of this website. This is done for the purpose of its business operations, in order to highlight and provide products and services that may be of interest to you. Personal data is data that can be redirected to individuals, such as a phone number, e-mail or home address. The information provided by you will be used to get in contact with you, if necessary, for example to inform you about changes to the functionality of the website or to offer you services that might interest you (unless you’ve indicated you don’t appreciate to receive any offers of products and / or services).

BR1GHT aims to process and manage your personal data in such a manner that your privacy is protected and guaranteed.

Special personal data

BR1GHT does not attempt to collect particular personal information through this website, such as information about political views, race, religious beliefs, health, criminal records or other matters. In cases where BR1GHT attempts to collect such information, you will be asked for permission beforehand.


We use “cookies” so you can properly use our website. BR1GHT complies with cookie legislation.

Job applications

For (online) job applications personal data is requested, such as name, address, telephone number, resume data and other data that could be relevant for an application at BR1GHT. The data you fill in is collected, stored and used to respond to your request or to evaluate your application. All data provided to BR1GHT will be handled confidentially and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, will not be provided to third parties by BR1GHT, unless required by law or required by the judicial authorities.

BR1GHT processes and manages personal data of future, current and ex-employees, (customers of) customers, suppliers and other relations in various (information) systems. The processing is subject to the BR1GHT privacy statement. In case of questions, please submit them in writing to

These conditions, as well as disputes or claims arising from or related to the terms, are governed by the Dutch law. BR1GHT could change these terms without any notice. These changes will be posted on the website immediately.