Mar 5, 2023

PVH Managed Services SAP IAM, AD and GRC

PVH is one of the most famous and largest fashion retailers, Headquartered in Amsterdam for their European activities. The Power of PVH is fuelled by their iconic brands: Calvin Klein, TOMMY HILFIGER, Warner’s, Olga by Warner’s, and True&Co. From their start in 1881 mending and selling shirts for coal miners in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, PVH has become a global powerhouse in the fashion industry. PVH is growing rapidly, with consequences for the IT environment with 10.000 AD and SAP users. Because of the business growth, IDM team is looking for opportunities to leverage a better and more efficient service aiming to support their global businesses. BR1GHT has supported PVH in their improvement program and is currently executing their SAP and IDM managed service out of our shared service centre from South Africa

Before we started, we had multiple-meetings to discuss the opportunity BR1GHT’s outsourcing models brought to our existing clients and given the indicated problems at PVH could do for them. In general, we have 3 models to work with our clients on these topics. The first one is our specialist consulting services, where we bring individual experience into the clients’ team under their management responsibilities. The second option is full outsourcing, where we execute on predefined quality criteria, realising pre-set objectives, fully under our responsibilities with a team of experts out of one of our global managed service centres (Suriname and South Africa). The third option is a hybrid model, where we support clients with a dedicated team of specialists working under their management responsibilities; the so called co-sourcing option with remote expertise and local ‘feet’ on the ground at the client to realise pre-defined quality improvements fast. As said, we started the engagement to identify improvement opportunities to realise the overall goals set by PVH for the first year. In mutual sessions, we drafted the business case and reached the following conclusions related the areas PVH could grow:

  • The quality of the IDM team.
  • Limit dependencies on temporary workers.
  • Effectiveness of IDM as a business partner for the ‘core’ business.
  • The height of the cost base of IT Management.
  • The level the work processes were automated and standardized.
  • The amount of efforts to ensure efficient SOX testing without surprises.
  • Risk of unauthorized access to critical systems.

We drafted the conclusion that the co-sourcing option would work best for PVH and translated each of the above mentioned improvement opportunities into four main categories or sub-projects. Together as a team of BR1GHT experts in The Netherland and South-Africa and PVH specialists, we started to work on the improvements with a practical approach.

Setting up and optimizing the Governance of the IDM department

We supported PVH to make an architectural overview on how the future department should look like, we calculated the business case and supported in making a transition plan. Together we concluded that BR1GHT’s co-sourcing model will enable PVH the best to improve and grow and that we could increase the long-term effectiveness of the team against a competitive price.

Transition to the BR1GHT service centre and optimizing the processes

We supported PVH in the transition from their current IDM organization to our shared service centre in South Africa. We transitioned to the service centre without any issues using our BR1GHT onboarding program. During the transition, we integrated the BR1GHT service centre within the PVH daily processes and structured and work with the PVH people acting as one team all with a ‘best practice improvement mindset’.

Running the SAP Security and IDM processes

BR1GHT is now executing and continuously improving the IDM maintenance processes. BR1GHT is fully integrated within the maintenance processes and systems within PVH and is solving tickets, plays major roles in the execution of projects, is documenting best practices as part of their normal way-of-working, identifying knowledge items to further standardize, and BR1GHT is improving processes through automation while executing them.

Specialist consulting – optimization of the IDM and SAP maintenance processes

Next to our shared services, we have also supported PVH in the optimization of processes, by:

  • User and role certification: to ensure that the users and roles only grant access to appropriate access, our technology partner Soterion offers the possibility to structure and execute the certification processes and provision changes to SAP. BR1GHT automated these processes using Soterion and ensured that all users and roles are reviewed timely and that the risk on unauthorized access is limited.
  • Automation of SAP License review. The team includes the ability to perform a SAP license review. By making use of the same mentioned technology, we now automatically analyse the amount and usage of SAP users and extract the appropriate license information for SAP.
  • Automation of ticketing; BR1GHT supported in further automation of the IDM support by reducing the ticket complexity, creating templates to standardize and to create functional design to further automate the ticket solution.

As said, we did not selected our full outsource option, but went for co-sourcing. This enables clients to work on building their quality standards, KPI’s and requirements a possible future full outsourcing option can benefit from. Our BR1GHT people work seamlessly under the responsibility of PVH, but they are coordinated and coached by BR1GHT in the Netherlands. There is for example always a dedicated connection and escalation line in Netherlands and we speak your language. By the way, we can support any client in any region with local representation and language skills given our global sourcing model. BR1GHT is always in the middle with feet in the ground focussing on your quality.

PVH is a strong company with wonderful brand like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, but with a very social basis. We love their social attitude and values. This is where we also want to be and where we aim for. This is one of the most important reasons why we are both grateful and proud to work for (and with) PVH. Our cultures match and we feel apricated. Thank you PVH for given us the opportunities that we have further developed our managed services propositions to the professional level we are now at and the strong basis to service you and all the other clients out of South-Africa.

Thanks to the personal approach and quality of there teams in The Netherlands and South-Africa, BR1GHT reached all our objectives set in the first year.
Esther Laan, Head of IAM and Collaboration tooling

We have worked very pleasantly with BR1GHT. They came in and delivered high quality at a strong competitive price. BR1GHT truly work seamlessly with our people and started from day one to deliver quality and bring the necessary improvements to our environment:

  • Single sourcing and quality improvement of the IDM team.
  • Periodic dashboarding and performance reporting.
  • Decreased dependency on temporary workers.
  • Reduce cost of IT Management.
  • Improved, standardised, and automated work processes.
  • Efficient SOx testing.
  • Limited risks on unauthorised access to their critical systems.
We are happy with BR1GHT. They promise what they preach.
Esther Laan, Head of IAM and Collaboration tooling
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