Jun 24, 2020

Nederlandse Spoorwegen TeamMate implementation

The Dutch Railways (‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’ or called NS) are a longterm user of the application Teammate. As the NS states, TeamMate just offers the best possible support for our internal audit colleagues in their day-to-day works. Combine this with the stability of the application and the available functionalities and it is obvious that TeamMate is the cornerstone for our internal audit processes. Being satisfied about and dependent on the use of the application makes it hard to change to something completely different. But choices must sometimes be made and when we heard that Wolters Kluwer was building a new platform based on the current functionalities, we decided it was time for us to change and migrate to TeamMate+. A change we wanted to make with a reliable and experienced partner. In BR1GHT we found that partner.
This client experience is about BR1GHT’s support and added value delivered during the selection and implementation of TeamMate+ for the NS. What made it such a wonderful achievement is the fact that most of the work was done during the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole team had to work from home with online support of the BR1GHT team. Job well done NS! Thank you all so much for your trust in TeamMate and our BR1GHT organisations!

During the last few months we, the Internal Audit team of the NS together with our department Application Support have worked hard to migrate to the newest version of the world class Audit Management System TeamMate+ together with BR1GHT. With BR1GHT, a foundation for collaboration was laid and soon their knowledge about transitions and migration strategies, insights in audit processes and methods proved to be of significant value to us. BR1GHT was able to challenge our choices and the way we handle things.

During the selection process BR1GHT was asked to present the solution. We executed a tailored demo and showed NS the key differences between the TeamMate AM and the new TeamMate+ platform. During these demo sessions BR1GHT highlighted how it could support our internal audit ambitions now and in the future.

During the implementation we went through the following stages:

  • Together we drafted a migration plan to achieve a go-live within 3 months from the start of the project. Whereby a key pillar was the full data migration from TeamMate AM into TeamMate+, as the TeamMate AM platform was to be decommissioned.
  • How would an ideal TeamMate setup look like? We held interactive discussions with BR1GHT to share the methodology and our way of working and BR1GHT showed a pleasant eagerness and commitment to our case and key goals to achieve.
  • During the migration workshops, BR1GHT challenged us to get the most out of TeamMate+. The most important fact is that the discussions during the workshops helped us taking the necessary steps, which by itself lead to actions for current and the semi-long term and to finalize the migration to TeamMate+ successfully.
  • The support consisted of configuring TeamMate and encouraging us to utilise the available features, whilst keeping the use of the TeamMate+ features straightforward. Whereby BR1GHT added their insights and opportunities that could be achieved.
  • Together with BR1GHT, we spent substantial time on getting the required NS insights directly out of TeamMate+ for our reporting needs. Utilising standard available dashboards, reports and available visualisations from TeamMate+.
  • The pilot phase was executed remotely by the team from their homes, due to Covid-19. We held close contact with the BR1GHT migration team and together we assessed the pilot feedback and made refinements before go-live.
  • BR1GHT supported us during the data migration from TeamMate AM to TeamMate+ and guided us through the necessary steps to take and the validation of the data and elements migrated before we went live with TeamMate.

NS Internal Audit now is live with TeamMate+. However, this does not stop our BR1GHT involvement yet. We have planned two customer success sessions. The first session will take place after the first quarter and another one after a half-year. In both sessions we will evaluate NS’s experience working with TeamMate+.

This is our BR1GHT promise and commitment to continuously support you in utilising TeamMate to the fullest and helping you to become the professional Internal Audit you are aiming for. Jumbo, we look forward to a long and meaningful working relationship together!

We are proud to work for NS as they really operate in the middle of our society, every step they take is visible by everyone. This is also in the DNA of it’s employees and everything the do. Focusing on ‘relevancy’ in every step of our TeamMate journey, we challenged each other to achieve the max, but as straightforward as possible. We also had lots of fun in exploring TeamMate and how it can improve the internal audit process. The pragmatic though professional and open way of working will stay with us, especially given the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic, when working digital and sharing screens was the new best practice. Congratulations in the name of BR1GHT and Wolters Kluwer.

You take us from A to B and now it was our privilege to bring you to your next TeamMate+ destination. We will meet in real soon to help you through your customer satisfaction window.

With BR1GHT we found the right partner and a foundation for collaboration. Their knowledge about transitions and migration strategies, insight in audit processes and methods proven of significant value to us. BR1GHT was able to challenge our choices and the way we handle things.
Leo de Vries, ‘Application Support’ Nationale Spoorwegen

Being a train operator makes us timely in nature, although that doesn’t mean things always go according to plan. In those cases, it is nice to have a partner, which not just looks at the clock, but makes an extra effort to get the job done. Also because of their direct communications lines with Wolters Kluwer, BR1GHT was able to swiftly respond to questions and concerns regarding the functionality of TeamMate+ as well as technical issues. ‘You only stop searching, when you have found it’, seems a credo that’s right for BR1GHT.

BR1GHT showed a pleasant eagerness and commitment to our case.
Sander Diks, ‘Teamlead Operational Audit’ Nederlandse Spoorwegen
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