Mar 27, 2024

EVBox – Implementation and business adoption of Soterion

EVBox is a Dutch provider of charging stations for electric vehicles. The company was founded in Almere in 2010 and in a few years has grown into one of the market leaders in the field of versatile charging systems. EVBox, based in Amsterdam, is one of the fast-growing products in the charging station industry. The Dutch charging station manufacturer produces high-quality, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage charging solutions for a wide range of users, from home use to the most complex business applications. In addition to a varied model range, EVBox also offers customers charge management, service, and various accessories. EVBox chargers are suitable for use at home, at work, and in public places.

Despite investing in SAP GRC alongside our SAP S/4 HANA environment, EVBox continued to face SAP authorization and SoD risks. Following BR1GHT’s baseline assessment, we realized the need for further action.

BR1GHT guided EVBox through the redesign of our SAP authorizations, utilizing Soterion as the primary technology to efficiently:

– Update the risk rule set for analysing current and future authorization and SoD risks.
– Gain insights into the usage of current authorizations and identify gaps in the current design.
– Assess the risk in the current design.
– Provide business stakeholders with insights into the risks of their new role profiles during redesign workshops.
– Following a six-month implementation period, roles were redesigned, and EVBox compared Soterion with SAP GRC for ongoing compliance management.

Soterion was selected for several advantages experienced during and after implementation:

– Reuse of the risk rule set used during the redesign project.
– High satisfaction from the business due to its user-friendly interface, involvement in the risk decision process, and clear understanding of authorization decisions.
– Swift implementation within one week, enabling immediate usage.
– Seamless integration within our single sign-on environment and infrastructure as a SAAS solution.

Currently, EVBox benefits from:

– BR1GHT incorporating Soterion into their managed service, providing reports not only on operational KPIs but also on risks.
– Increased business involvement in the authorization and risk approval process.
– User-friendly technology enhancing usability.

At EVBox, we value practicality, a commitment to improvement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. BR1GHT embodies these qualities, consistently challenging our approach, ensuring quality, and delivering results that exceed our expectations.
EVBOX selected BR1GHT and Soterion because of their fast implementation methodology (1 week), user friendliness and the smooth transition from redesign (get clean) to managed service (stay clean). After the implementation, the technology was not only implemented, but adapted by EVBox as well.

"EVBox's selection of Soterion, facilitated by BR1GHT's expertise, was instrumental in enhancing our authorization and risk management processes."
Paul Kuin, IT Director, EVBox

BR1GHT’s partnership with Soterion brought forth a transformative solution. By implementing Soterion replacing our SAP S/4 HANA environment, we achieved a comprehensive approach to managing authorization and SoD risks. Their swift implementation methodology, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration have empowered us to stay ahead in compliance management.

BR1GHT's introduction of Soterion at EVBox was a game-changer, delivering results at lightning speed.
Peter de ZInger Director Core Applications EVBox
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