We work with BR1GHT because of their commitment to our success, their pleasant personal way-of-working, and unique combination of a strong vision with a practical approach to improve our IT and control environment.

Rudolf Elias, CEO Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname

BR1GHT is a pleasant and flexible partner who challenges the choices you make and use TeamMate in the best possible way for your organisation.

Joost van Beijsterveld, Internal Audit Jumbo Supermarkten

With BR1GHT we found the right partner and a foundation for collaboration. Soon their knowledge about transitions and migration strategies, their insight in audit processes and methods proven of significant value to us. BR1GHT was able to challenge our choices and the way we handle things. They showed a pleasant eagerness and commitment to our case.

Leo de Vries, ‘Operationeel Beheer’ Nationale Spoorwegen


Proud to work for..

Another COVID-19 success - 'Nederlandse Spoorwegen' live with TeamMate+

Jumbo live with TeamMate+ during Corona

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Leveraging your technology is key

Experience our true commitment to your business objectives and how we continuously help you with important insights and news.

Everyone can join our client 4 client communities and get in touch peers facing the same problems or who maybe can provide ready made solution for your current needs. Through our communities, you can optimise your knowledge about technology and lay the foundation to work together, over industry and across countries. We believe that our communities accelerates the digital transformation to a level that it can create equality in the world and contribute to our Sustainablility Development Goals.

If you are inventing new technology solutions and invest time and money in doing so, or if your are considering to start new digital innovative projects, please let us help you to leverage your activities. We can provide you with a strong return of investments. Come join us, it is for free and it will always stay that way.

Your single source of knowledge

It is our ambition and main purpose to oversee what is best practice today and where technology is heading towards. We provide you with the latest news and insights about your business. Via different media, you can actively participate in the dialogues with others to help your organisation, yourself or your colleague specialists. 

Once a client, always a partner

It is our ambition to stick with you on your journey towards your technology objectives. We will provide you pro-actively with all news and insights helping you to reach your goals. We let you know how other non-competing clients are doing, what new technology comes to the market, and what client lessons were learned.

Connect with others, share experiences.

Being part of one of our clients communities, gives you the advantage to interact with us and everyone on a continuous basis. You can build strong relations with peers across the world. You can find partner organisations to work together with and we can connect you on a personal title to our people communities.

Let us leverage your investments

Through our communities and network of partners, we can open doors which normally are closed to you. You simply can’t oversee what is happening globally because you can only work with limited partners. We widen your perspectives and work with you on your innovations, help you to share investments, and find investors for your newly build digital solutions.

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