Jumbo is ‘live’ with TeamMate during COVID-19


During the last few months, the Jumbo Internal Audit team has worked hard to configureTeamMate to their wishes and implement their new solution. What made it such a magnificent achievements is that it all is done during the heights of the COVID-19 virus. The whole team had to work from home with the support of the BR1GHT implementation team. Job well done Jumbo. Congratulations in the name of BR1GHT and WoltersKluwers. Please enjoy the chocolate. 

Thank you all so much for you trust in our organisations!

‘BR1GHT is a pleasant and flexible partner who challenges the choices you make and to use TeamMate in the best possible way for your organisation’, said Joost van Beijsterveld of Jumbo.

Please view the full client experience via the below link. 

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