BR1GHT Achieves 90% Reduction in EVBOX’s SAP Security Risks

BR1GHT conducted a baseline assessment to identify risks in EVBox’s SAP Authorization design. Subsequently, EVBox decided to address these risks by redesigning its SAP Authorizations, aiming for a robust and secure SAP environment.

Throughout this process, BR1GHT has provided comprehensive support to EVBox, from identifying key risks in the SAP system to remediating them through authorization redesign. Additionally, BR1GHT’s managed services have ensured ongoing compliance. This journey has been facilitated by BR1GHT’s partnership with Soterion. By implementing Soterion to replace their SAP S/4 GRC technology, a holistic approach to cleaning up old SAP authorizations and mitigating risks has been achieved.

The fast implementation of Soterion, completed within a 2-week timeline, and its seamless integration into the existing landscape, have been commended for their efficiency. Overall, this partnership has empowered EVBox to maintain an acceptable level of risk while ensuring compliance through BR1GHT’s managed services.

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