BR1GHT welcomes Linda Lundin

Ronald Teuthof

June 5, 2020
We are proud to welcome Linda Lundin to the BR1GHT family. Linda was born in Sweden, but just recently moved to The Netherlands. She started her career as a lawyer before she discovered that the GRC space was much more interesting when she joined the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Sweden. She became CEO of IIA Sweden in 2015 and is now looking forward to supporting the GRC professionals in a different way under the BR1GHT umbrella.

Linda will take on her the Operations responsibilities and is Director of the Nordic regions, including the Baltics States. Linda can make the difference with her knowledge of the Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance profession in combination with her strong network.

If you wanna reach out to Linda and join my congratulations, or if you have any question for her, please send her a note. Linda, happy to have you onboard and we all wish you a great time and enjoy every second of it.

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