VolkerWessels ‘live’ with their state-of-the-art TeamMate+ Audit Management System

VolkerWessels has taken a next step into world class Internal Audit with their TeamMate+ Audit Management Solution.

During the last few months the Internal Auditteam of VolkerWessels has worked hard to implement TeamMate. What made it such a magnificent achievement is the fact that it all is done during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole team had to work from home with the online support of the BR1GHT implementation team. Job well done! Congratulations in the name of BR1GHT and WoltersKluwers. We are proud to work for VolkerWessels as they stand out in their market and like us build things that matter. The passionate working attitude combining practical solutions with high quality fits our way of working. Working together striving to achieve the set ambition and constantly reflect on yourself. During our journey, together we had lots of fun and challenging moments to get the most out of each other and TeamMate, and to improve the internal audit process. We will meet soon again to help you through your customer satisfaction window.

Thank you all so much for your trust in TeamMate and our BR1GHT organisations!

‘BR1GHT did very well in supporting VolkerWessels Internal Audit in the transformation and implementation process. In the implementation phase we emphasised on “Less is More”, aiming on keeping the TeamMate setup as simple as possible, but on the other hand seamlessly matching with the requirements of the audit team, auditees and stakeholders. BR1GHT added their value to this process by constantly reflecting and challenging our blueprint ideas and the ‘to be made’ implementation choices. The whole process ran very smooth because of the relaxed atmosphere created by us and BR1GHT, the room for creativity and client experiences shared by BR1GHT. Frank van Dissel, Director Internal Audit VolkerWessel.

For a the full client experience, please follow the link below.

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