Nederlandse Spoorwegen ‘live’ with TeamMate


During the last few months we, the Internal Audit team of The Dutch National Railway (‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’) together with the department Application Support, have worked hard to implement the newest version of the world class Audit Management System TeamMate+. What made it such a magnificent achievement is the fact that it all is done during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole team had to work from home with the online support of the BR1GHT implementation team. Job well done NS! Congratulations in the name of BR1GHT and WoltersKluwers. You take us from A to B and it now was our privilege to  bring your to your TeamMate destination. We will meet in real soon to help you through your customer satisfaction window.

Thank you all so much for your trust in TeamMate and our BR1GHT organisations!

‘Being a train operator makes us timely in nature, although that doesn’t mean things always go according to plan. In those cases, it is nice to have a partner, which not just looks at the clock, but makes an extra effort to get the job done. Also because of their direct communications lines with Wolters Kluwer, BR1GHT was able to swiftly respond to questions and concerns regarding the functionality of TeamMate+ as well as technical issues. ‘You only stop searching, when you have found it’, seems a credo that’s right for BR1GHT.’ Leo de Vries, ‘Application Support’ Nederlandse Spoorwegen

For a the full client experience, please follow the link below.

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