BR1GHT established a Service Centre in Suriname

A new milestone in our short history. As of July, 2022, we established BR1GHT Suriname. “We offer high quality people solutions for our clients in all BR1GHT regions against very attractive commercial rates”, according to Janine Riedewald, Managing Director BR1GHT Suriname. Our services include individual consulting services or ‘volume based’ consulting services, offering our clients dedicated teams of BR1GHT consultants seamlessly working in their audit, risk or compliance departments. In Suriname, our professionals are educated in the US or The Netherlands and have over 10 to 15 years experience in their field of expertise, either in Suriname or abroad. Our solutions include:

  • Banking (or financial institutes) Compliance – routine based (NYC, Integrity Control, etc) and highly specialist solutions.
  • Financial Accounting Support and Compliance – supporting accounting firms to stay compliant against AFM regulations and support in their client audits.
  • Risk Management Consulting and Ad-interim.
  • IT-audit and Operational Audit ‘as a service’ to support CAE’s and Internal Audit Departments with specialist needs.
  • Project Management and Project Control to help our clients manage their change management programs and to support Project Management Offices (can be provided as independent Project Assurance, reporting to Steering Committees.
  • Application Consulting. We help our clients implementing new technologies fully remote or in combination remote/on premise.

What COVID19, taught us, is that we can implement our technology or offer our specialist consulting services from any place in the world, in combination with our deep roots in Suriname, made establishing our Suriname Centre of Excellence a very easy decision”, Ronald Teuthof, Managing Director added to the question ‘why Suriname?”.

Please contact us to learn more what we can offer you out of Suriname (or South-Africa, where we have our Technology Managed Services centre).

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