Introducing SAP Augmented Access Control (AAC): Revolutionizing SAP Access Management powered by AI

SAP launched their SAP Augmented Access Control (AAC) this week, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize access management within organizations. SAP AAC combines cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligent analytics to provide advanced access control capabilities, enhancing security, and streamlining compliance efforts.

Access management is a critical aspect of maintaining the security and integrity of an organization’s systems and data. With the increasing complexity of IT landscapes and regulatory requirements, traditional access control measures often fall short in ensuring comprehensive protection.  SAP presents a solution known as SAP Augmented Access Control—a cloud-based service that delivers a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing user access across both SAP and non-SAP systems. This solution automates, monitors, and optimizes user access management processes, ensuring adherence to internal and external regulations.

Although there are no official release notes, we have made a summary of the information which is now available and discuss some applications for your organization:

Key developments are:

  1. Smart access request recommendations for simpler and more secure access
  2. Business users get simple, personalized role selection to get quicker access
  3. Organizations benefit from more accurate and compliant & secure access provisioning.
  4. Needs-based systems access
  5. Personalized, explainable role recommendations
  6. Full SAP GRC integration in BTP-based SAP Identity & Access Governance (IAG)

when these functionalities are delivered by SAP, the following business value can be achieved:

  1. Risk-Based Access Controls: SAP AAC employs intelligent risk assessment algorithms to evaluate user access requests in real-time. By considering various factors such as user behavior, access history, and role-based permissions, it dynamically adjusts access rights to mitigate potential risks.
  2. Continuous Monitoring and Analysis: The solution provides continuous monitoring of access activities, utilizing advanced analytics to detect anomalies and suspicious behaviors. This proactive approach enables organizations to identify and respond to access violations promptly, reducing the risk of data breaches and insider threats.
  3. Simplified Compliance Management: SAP AAC streamlines compliance efforts by automating the enforcement of segregation of duties (SoD) policies and regulatory requirements. It provides detailed audit logs and reporting capabilities, facilitating compliance assessments and reducing audit preparation time.
  4. User-Friendly Experience: With an intuitive user interface and self-service functionalities, SAP AAC empowers business users to request access and manage their permissions efficiently. This improves user satisfaction, reduces administrative burden, and enhances productivity across the organization.

SAP AAC can be a powerful addition to SAP’s portfolio of access control solutions, reinforcing the commitment to delivering innovative and secure technologies. By leveraging augmented intelligence, organizations can proactively manage access risks, strengthen their security posture, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. we look forward to the developments and the first lounge.

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For more information from SAP see this link or this link 


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