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Webinar by Wolters Kluwer: Internal audit’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey in the public sector

Learning Objectives: Identify trends in AI in internal audit and discuss the journey from manual controls to automated controls to generative AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Learn about recent events at the federal level which may have a significant impact on how AI can be utilized within their organizations, other government entities, partners, and vendors. Listen to and view examples of AI/RPA applications currently utilized by governmental entities and the role of internal audit. Learn an approach to conduct an initial AI assessment and understand the risks and controls around the use of AI. Discuss use cases where AI is being leveraged by organizations. Speakers:  Mark Maraccini, CPA Public Sector Internal Audit Lead Partner Mark Maraccini is a Lead Partner at Crowe for providing risk and internal audit services to the public sector. He has 23 years of experience working with public sector clients (Federal, State, and Local governments, special districts including transit agencies and institutions of higher education) on internal and external audits, Federal and State compliance services, risk management services, and quality assessment reviews. Mark’s experience has provided him with a deep specialization in the International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF) issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors […]

Webinar: Overview of the Global Internal Audit Standards 2024 – What’s new, how does it work, and what are the impacts for the profession?

Learning Objectives: Have clarity around the background and rational behind the new Global Internal Audit Standards Understand the approach and framework of the new Global Internal Audit Standards Appreciate how the 5 Domains, 15 Principles, and 52 Standards fit together Gain an overview of the key headlines Speakers:Liz Sandwith, CFIIASpecial Adviser to and former member of the IIA Standards BoardLiz Sandwith has been a member of the IIA Standards Board for the last 6 years. Because of her involvement in the IPPF Evolution project, the IIA asked her to stay on as a Special Adviser to the Standards Board. Liz is an Internal Audit and Risk Adviser sharing and supporting internal audit functions and CAEs based on her 34+ years in the internal audit profession. Liz worked in a senior capacity at Bupa as Head of Assurance, Risk & Compliance and Head of Internal Audit - Operations. Liz was also Head of Internal Audit at Channel 5. She has also worked with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Electoral Commission, as well as advising local authorities on internal audit and risk management issues. Liz is a Trustee for a Multi-Academy Trust (education sector), a Chair of Governors and Chair of […]

Webinar: Using technology to power conformance with the new 2024 Global Internal Audit Standards

Learning Objectives: Understand the key components of the newly released Global IIA Standards Learn about the structure of the new standards and what evidence is required to show conformance Gain insights into how audit management software can help you demonstrate conformance with the new standards The new Global Internal Audit Standards have been released by the Institute of Internal Auditors and these represent the most significant change the profession has seen in more than a decade. The scope of changes is broad and touch all the activities of an internal audit department, but one common thread that runs through the new standards is the emphasis on the use of technology by Internal Auditors to help them work more efficiently and effectively. In this webinar, we will begin by introducing the new standards and then go through each domain and show how Chief Audit Executives can leverage technology to help demonstrate conformance with the requirements set out by the IIA. In order to be awarded the full credit hours, you must attend the entire session and answer at least 3 of the polling questions. Once the requirements are met, your CPE certificate will be available to download in the webinar. Participants […]