We implement any GRC technology. . .

to become fully in control; risk management & control treatment on operations, third parties, IT, ESG, and EHS.

. . . provide real GRC specialist advisors

to assess, improve and embed best practices risk management & control treatment to always be in control.

. . . and offer you managed GRC services

from our global service centers to work seamlessly with you realising cost effective best class operating effectiveness.

Our GRC solutions

GRC Technology

  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Improvement

Specialist GRC Consulting

  • Strategy & Change support
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • People

Managed GRC Services

  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Technology


1 GRC technology selection & implementation

Selection of fit-for-purpose technology for compliance and risk treatment. High quality, high value, fast, agile, and fixed price.

2 GRC technology improvement

(Self)-enhancing risk & compliance software. Effective, cost efficient, highly integrated supporting business wide collaboration.

3 Full GRC support

Fit for purpose (future proof) risk & compliance functions operating in an optimal GRC context. Realizing continuous improvement (strategic and change support).

4 Risk & compliance consulting

Best practice risk & compliance processes to identify, assess, and mitigate (compliance) risks to enhance resilience, and continuously proof compliance with law & regulations.

5 GRC people

Flexible, cost efficient, risk & compliance specialist capabilities (plus CRO/CCO) to deal with short term temporarily people needs or uncertain future needs.

6 Risk Management &
compliance ‘as a service’

High quality and cost-efficient co- sourcing, increasing process quality and value creation, service continuity, and continuous improvement. Scale-up and down when required).

7 Technology ‘as a service’

Ongoing software maintenance, priority services, content provisioning, and access to expertise and training at a fixed price – helping clients to uphold and improve quality and reduce uncertainties.

Client experiences GRC

GRC Technology


The GRC technology selection process involves defining a GRC vision, supporting the selection of a technology solution aligned with that vision, considering both short-term requirements and long-term ambitions, and providing support throughout the entire selection process, including market research, defining lists, and contracting. The approach emphasizes vendor independence and a proven software selection methodology.


We provide experts for implementing all GRC solutions. They are a chosen implementation partner for GRC applications and follow best practice implementation methodologies. Our approach includes multiple support options, agile implementation with workshops, and a focus on building capabilities through on-the-job training. Our aim to realize project value quickly through fixed-price implementations.


We support to continuously improve controls, GRC, and audit technology. This includes better utilization of existing stand-alone GRC solutions, integration of GRC solutions via API connections, automation of controls. We follow a technology-centered enhancement methodology, emphasizing pre-conditions for realizing value from technology, including GRC strategy, organizational structure, GRC processes, and people capabilities.

Our selected GRC solutions

Provides the Mercedes amongst the GRC-solutions. Leading solution for asset intensive ORM and EHS. Together with Tagetik ahead in ESG-functionalities covering reporting, data quality, and control treatment. Enablon’s solutions are used in more than 160 countries by the world’s leading companies (multinationals and large nationals). Enterprises have chosen Enablon solutions to enhance the management and reporting of nonfinancial performance.
World’s leading (internal) audit and assurance expert solution with over 25 years dedication to auditors. TM+ is used by banks for 2’nd line compliance monitoring departments with a similar methodology as internal audit. The solution is now entering the ERM 2’nd line GRC area with new functionalities. TM+ has more than 3,000 customers in over 150 countries. Among their customers are 30% of Fortune 1000, 40% of Fortune 100, the top 5 Global Audit Firms, and more than 1,000 Public Sector Agencies.
The best value for money full GRC suite from The Netherlands. For small size organisation to medium/large. Strong at financial institutes because of embedded form functionalities to realise KYC/CDD compliance. Best in class to design business process, linked risk & controls, and action tracking. ISQM functionalities are built in to support external auditors to implement their quality system and thus become compliant.
Has built a business- centric agile GRC-solution on top of SAP that enhances accountability of SAP related risk & compliance. It is considered a much cheaper, and easy to implement strong competitor to SAP- GRC. The solution has extensive functionalities to analyse user rights, improve compliance and stay compliant. Quick to install, easy to learn, S/4HANA ready and boasts an award-winning user experience; both on premise, in the cloud or as a managed service.
Innovative solution assists you in identifying, analysing, and controlling risks efficiently and interactively. Increase team engagement and productivity during risk rating process and make risk awareness sessions even more dynamic with QR code participation. Gain a clear overview of all risks and measures using a visual dashboard, analyse and prioritize risks effortlessly with an intuitive tool, and stay informed about progress and risk status through real-time updates and reports.

Specialist GRC Consulting

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The strategic GRC support includes boardroom and supervisory / risk committee focus sessions, management workshops, a proven methodology for integrating technology with strategy, structure, processes, and people, full project management, and building best-practice integrated GRC functions.

Our unique selling points include expert assessments, hands-on improvement support, and awareness training across various risk areas, compliance laws, and risk phases. We provide readily available content, including best practices and international standards (such as COSO, Cobit2019, and NIST), as well as technology for assessing processes, documenting risk and controls, and collaborating on risk and compliance.

Our GRC people specialize in risk and compliance, including areas like ESG, security, AML/aft, SIRA, and DORA. They offer ad-interim support for key functions (such as CRO, CCO, or CISO), hands-on operational assistance, project management, and a dedicated flexible pool of specialists to meet client needs. These services can be provided locally or through global service centers.

Managed GRC Services

Risk Management

Our co-sourcing approach involves close collaboration with your Risk Committee, Chief Risk Officer, and Board of Directors. We add value through a holistic risk management approach, which includes three pillars: developing an effective risk operating model, focusing on robust risk governance and organization, and preparing for and responding to crises.


Our compliance co-sourcing services involve a dedicated BR1GHT team that collaborates closely with client teams. The team includes individual specialists, seniors, and juniors. They work remotely within client IT systems, with quality and training managed directly between the client and BR1GHT. Additionally, our services encompass compliance training, awareness, and process improvement.


The “Technology ‘as a service’” concept involves value service contracts and full insourcing. Our approach involves business-driven GRC process improvements, in-depth training on GRC application functionalities, integration with other technologies aligning all lines of defense processes. Full insourcing involves operating the technology (cloud-based) and providing all the value service contract solutions.


BR1GHT Achieves 90% Reduction in EVBOX’s SAP Security Risks

BR1GHT Achieves 90% Reduction in EVBOX’s SAP Security Risks

BR1GHT conducted a baseline assessment to identify risks in EVBox's SAP Authorization design. Subsequently, EVBox decided to address these risks by redesigning its SAP Authorizations, aiming for a robust and secure SAP environment. Throughout this process, BR1GHT has...

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Wolters Kluwer named Global Leader in ESG Software

Wolters Kluwer named Global Leader in ESG Software

BR1GHT's partner Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in professional information, software solutions, and services, has been named among the leading global providers of ESG Software in the inaugural and prestigious Green Quadrant: ESG Reporting and Data Management...

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BR1GHT implemented ING’s compliance monitoring system

BR1GHT implemented ING’s compliance monitoring system

In September 2020, the Compliance Quality Assurance (CQA) department was established within ING. This department, even more than its predecessors, had the need to conduct thematic or process-oriented compliance reviews. Since the audit function uses TeamMate, and the...

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BR1GHT @GRC conference Stockholm 26 June 2023

BR1GHT @GRC conference Stockholm 26 June 2023

BR1GHT will join one of Europe's biggest conferences on GRC on the 26'th of June 2023. BR1GHT is a global technology solution provider for all the GRC functions within a company; from first line business & finance controls, IT controls & security, GRC &...

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BR1GHT @ TeamMate European user forum 2023

BR1GHT @ TeamMate European user forum 2023

March 16, 2023. We as a partner of Wolters Kluwer TeamMate Audit Solutions part of the TeamMateEMEAForum2023, had the opportunity to meet and mingle with many of our customers from all over Europe and have the great opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders...

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