BR1GHT welcomes Rob Schenk

Written by Ronald Teuthof

May 23, 2020

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Rob Schenk into BR1GHT. Rob has 30 years of ICT experience. Initially as a business consultant and PwC and KPMP and the last 15 years he has used this experience in sales and sales management roles at Atos. He is driven by curiosity and eagerness to learn.

“I get a lot of energy from working with clients and from coaching and sharing knowledge with professionals”, Rob says, ” and my passion is assisting innovative companies to boost their (commercial) effectiveness for further growth and fascinated by the impact of technology and the adoption of new concepts on organizations”.

Rob will lead the proposition area Business Technology. Rob, we are prvileged to work with you. Please join me in congratulate Rob and we wish him success and above all lots of fun!